There was a guy named, Cee. He is an ordinary guy. Everyday, all he thinks is the person he loves the most; and it makes him jovial. Every night, he stares at the sky full of constellations wondering if the person he loves, stares at them as well. Cee is a dreamer, he loves to think but sometimes, he overthinks. He cares too much even on the little things. He appreciates every small thing and that what makes him a cut above to other people. His imagination is as colossal as the universe; he thinks that it will put him somewhere in his life. But one day, all his dreams are starting to fall into pieces; because of the news that is harrowing. Cee has a disease since he was a just a little boy and throughout the years, he was hoping that it will be cured. The disheartening news he heard from the doctor that this disease is irremediable. Hearing this puts his hope into a sealed small jar and didn’t know how will he accept it. He cried until there was no more tears to fall. When Cee is about to give up, the woman that he loves gives all the fondness that he deserves. She was there for him, always. When he was about to capitulate, she was there. She was always there for him. Little did Cee knows that from the very start, this woman was always at his side no matter what. It made Cee realized and told her, “ Every night as I gaze into the sky full of constellations, I only look into a one star because it reminds me of you. There is a billion of stars in the universe but I’ll only look for you.” After saying this to the woman, she holds his hand and hugged him so tight like there was no tomorrow; they loved each other unconditionally and Cee started to put his hope out of the sealed small jar and had faith in God. He dreams again and have the imagination as huge as the universe. Cee once said, “ Whenever you are in a stumbling block, no matter how big it is; always choose to be happy and faithful. You have no idea what good is waiting for you so just hold on tight.”

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